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What is a caravan motor mover?

As the name suggests, a caravan mover moves your caravan unhitched. There are three main types:

- Ratchet jockey wheel
- Motorised jockey wheel
- Electronic motor mover traction roller

What is a Ratchet Jockey Wheel?

These movers look very similar to a standard jockey wheel. Most fit using the standard jockey wheel clamp on either side of the draw bar. A ratchet handle extends from the axle of the jockey wheel and is used to both cock the ratchet and steer the wheel.

Flicking a switch changes the direction in which the jockey wheel moves. It’s not very fast but it’s a sure-fire way of moving your caravan into a tight space with ease.

Installs on draw bar
Simple operation

Some models can freewheel, rolling forward when moving down a decline

What is a Motorised Jockey Wheel?

No points for guessing the key difference here. The motorised jockey wheel adds more ease and control over the ratchet type. Most units attach to the draw bar like your typical jockey wheel. Some, known as motorised trailer dollies, are designed to couple with the tow socket, offering a sturdier connection with the caravan.

Easy installation
Faster and smoother than a ratchet
Significantly cheaper than traction rollers
Significantly lighter than traction rollers

Generally can’t remain in situ
Can be bulky
Usually requires external battery

What is an Electronic Motor Mover Traction Roller?

These are the Rolls Royce of caravan movers and our area of expertise.

Motor mover traction rollers attach to the chassis on either side of the caravan, just above each wheel. When engaged, its rollers are pressed against each tyre, driving the tyres forward or backward.

You can even rotate a single-axle caravan on the spot. A wireless remote allows you to stand where you can see best. The rollers retract when not in use – better models feature power retraction.

Wireless remote
System tucks away when not in use
Ideal for heavy caravans
Ideal for inclines
Better for soft and wet ground

More expensive
Some configurations can reduce the ground clearance of the caravan
Expert installation required
Heavier than other options

Do motorised movers work on both single and twin axle caravans?

Yes, most caravan movers are designed for either twin or single axle caravans. Single axle systems are the simplest - two wheels, two motors.

Single axle systems are very manoeuvrable, driving one wheel forward and one backwards you can spin the caravan on the spot.

Twin axle caravans use the same type of motors but they are controlled differently, when turning the wheels on the inside of the turn are 'pulsed' to reduce scrubbing of the tyres. This means that twin axle caravan cannot be spun on the spot, but can be turned by a series of short forward and backwards movements.

If I sell my caravan can I transfer the mover to my new caravan?

Yes, that should be possible, providing your existing motor mover is suitable for you new caravan.

Does a motor mover affect my caravan leisure battery?

Yes it can, motor movers may draw heavy current if they are on a slope or used for an extended time. It is important that your leisure battery is in good condition, most motor movers require a battery with a capacity of between 85 Ah and 110 Ah.

What is the difference between a "Quad" and "AWD" motor mover?


Does a motor mover work on slopes or inclines?


Can I stop on an incline on slope?


I'm not sure which caravan motor mover is best for me…do you offer advise?

Absolutely, we have over 10 years experience supplying and fitting motor movers.
We are happy to answer your questions and guide you through the selection process.

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